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  Spartan Rides - The Spartan Ride explained by Top Gear; case of the Peugeot 106 GTi 

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Short description The men of Top Gear, yes Jeremy Clarkson and crew, use the Peugeot 106 GTi as a test case of what a Spartan Ride can do against the big flagship brands. Steering test. The faster the safer? You have to see it for yourself.
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So did you ever hear of subject such as: Faster = Safer?, 106 gti vs 911, best handling car, safety of a racing car, cheap performance car, benefits of having more reserves. Well regardless if you have, the information and videos right here are something everyone who drives a car or possibly will drive one in the future has to see for her or himself.

Techtalk - The Spartan Ride explained by Top Gear; case of the Peugeot 106 GTi

Spartan rides: we could explain a spartan ride; like we did in the past "Performance over comfort: comfort is sacrificed for performance. Spartan cars are often sneered at because they are so dedicated to one goal: the art of driving with as little distractions possible, for the performance car enthusiast however this is driving Nirvana. Money isn't primarily spent on an exotic look but on real-world performance. Furthermore a Spartan car strives to offer performance of higher end vehicles for a price that can be accessible to enthusiast drivers on normal incomes. For this purpose we review anything from basic entry hot-hatches to the most dedicated driving machines available. It's all about keeping the power on the wheels and the cars financially accessible to the enthusiast drivers of these "special" road-machines. Spartan sturdiness and reliability greatly contribute to the designation of a car as a Spartan ride.", but Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson could do something similar in a far more amusing way.

Top Gear's faster = safer? test

Below the spoiling conclusions:

Faser cars won't get you into trouble faster (better handling and better brakes, more reserves), but they will get you out of trouble faster (better handling and better brakes, more reserves).

However their better handling, better brakes, and more reserves (including a willing engine) do tempt you to exploit their reserves.

Back to the faster is safer comment, work the car to the fullest of it's limitations in full traffic is waiting for an accident, an example of what should not be done with any car (106 GTI in Turkey (road = E5)):

After this moral sidestep, back to the top gear test.

Brake test: 70 mph - 0 mph:

lexus gs350 = 139 ft
peugeot 106 GTi (13000 pound value) = 162 ft (Spartan ride note 1: that is better than the 911; 8 ft less than the 911) --> if those breaks perform that well in a 950 kg car, wonder what they will do in a car that weighs substantially less? The Secma 500 (as owned by a member of the Spartan Ride crew) as these peugeot brakes (bar the ABS) and weighs less than 400 kg; article can be found here.
porsche 911 (65000 pound value) = 170 ft
ford escort = 198 ft
landrover discovery diesel = 224 ft
high way code (= minimum) = 244 ft

Handling, maximum speed round a corner:

ford anglia = 27 mph
ford escort = 35 mph
porsche 911 (65000 pound value) = 43 mph
peugeot 106 GTi (13000 pound value) = 41 mph (Spartan Ride note 2: only 2 mph slower than the 911 and that with forwheeldrive; with 5% weight reduction (round 900 kg instead of 950 kg stock; it could even 911's handling)

Conclusions: for less than 1/4 of the price of the 911 you could get something that goes around corners almost as fast and can even brake in a shorter distance: the 106 GTi; example of our Spartan Ride definition put into practice.

If you think this was just not a complete handling test, please also look at Top Gear's best handling car test:

These cars were tested:

  • FERRARI 355
  • FERRARI 550
  • PORSCHE 911
  • BMW M3

Which would you choose as the best handling cars?

Below the spoiling conclusions:

Best handling car of the world by Top Gear:

  • 1st place: Ferrari 550
  • 2nd place: Peugeot 106 GTi
  • 3rd place: Lotus Elise

Fun to see the cheapest car in this company and only one of two front-wheel drive cars in the comany of handling legends and dream cars to handle the second best, outhandling the handling icon the lotus elise and just a bit less than the unreachable ferrari 550. The peugeot 106 GTi truely is the Spartan Ride definition demonstrated, it's more spartan brother the 106 Rallye is the Spartan ride incarnated.

106 GTi's anorexic brother: the 106 Rallye: more than 80 kg lighter (remove all luxuries) and as a result more pure and more affordable to buy. In between is the 106 1.6 16V sport (which weighs 25 kg less than the GTi and misses the GTi's ABS, but is essentially a purer GTi).

The Peugeot 106 GTi: the hot hatch they are all trying to better.

Whilst 0-60 in 7 and a bit seconds ain't breaking any records, from a Naturally Aspirated (N/A) 1.6 16v it's great.

Where this car really shines is in the handling department.

Top Gear loved this little hot hatch back in the late 90s, even going on to suggest it was the second best handling car in the world (take that with a pinch of salt of course)!

Experience what a 106 GTi can do in it's habitat:

Mazda MX5, Lotus Elise S2, Lotus Elise S1, Lotus Elise R (2nd), Peugeot 106 GTi (1st), Renault Clio 1.8 16v compete at Shelsley Walsh


Peugeot 106 GTi (1st)
Lotus Elise R (2nd)

Peugeot 106 GTi At a glance

Introduction: Once upon a time there was a carmaker in France called Peugeot and they made really good fast cars. They don't do that anymore, they make small heavy cars with Star Trek doors that no one will buy. But many years ago people who were more interested in cars than their hair used to go to their dealerships and buy hatchbacks with illustrious names like 205 GTI and 306 GTI. So confident of its cars' sporting credentials was Peugeot that it even called them 'Rallye' sometimes and it wasn't even a joke.
But those days are sadly gone and all we have to remember these happy times are the memories of half-leather seats and dodgy graphics. That and cars like the 106 GTI. It is very small but very, very good. Google it and you will find terms like 'best handling small car ever made', 'better handling than any supercar' (steady on), 'excellent handling'. You get the picture, this car could go round a corner. I don't care if it is made of tin foil and my head would stick out the sunroof, the 106 GTI it is one of those cars you just have to drive.
It had a 120bhp 1.6-litre 16-valve engine that was enough to give the 950kg Pug 128bhp/ton. The interior was made of recycled Evian bottles but that didn't matter because it drove brilliantly. As Evo once put it: 'The car is so focussed it's almost on fire.' It was hardcore, hyperactive and supplied so much lift-off oversteer that you'd think it was rear-drive.

Price: The last of the great Peugeot hot hatches will cost £15,275 from your local Peugeot dealer, significantly more than the £8,995 base model 106, but then you're getting a lot more car.

Engine: The little 3-door Pug shares its four cylinder, 1.6litre engine with its Citroen rival (Citroen Saxo VTS 1.6 16V; sister car to 106 GTi).

Performance: The 106 covers the all-important 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds, a shade quicker than the Citroen (7.6 seconds). The 120bhp, 16 valve engine will push the GTi up to a maximum speed of 126mph and maximum torque is 109lb ft at 5200.

Economy: City driving, the Pug's natural environment, will return 24.8mpg while the open road should see that needle register 44.6mpg. That's a combined figure of 34.9mpg.

Safety: Not much to separate the sister cars here -- the Pug lacks the side airbags as standard you get with the Citroen. Otherwise, the 106 has ABS brakes and the security measures that you would expect.

Image: Peugeot wrote the book on a new generation of hot hatches when it launched the 205GTi in the mid 1980s.
The 106 continues the great tradition by offering a lot of fun in a small but stylish package. The exterior may have been refined but it still has those instantly recognisable Peugeot lines -- especially from that rounded rear-end.

Practicality: Like the Saxo, the 106 has been praised for having the agile handling to go with those pocket rocket performance figures.
But this model is also starting to date somewhat, and may feel a bit more cramped on the inside than the new kids on the block.
Having said that, a recent survey found that only the Audi A3 and the VW Golf can beat its residual values in Britain. That puts the 106 GTi in some very impressive company and proves that it has widespread appeal.

Equipment: Metallic paint does come as standard (one up on the Saxo there), along with ABS brakes, electric windows and door mirrors and leather seats.
That goes some way towards making up or a rather uninspiring, slightly dated fascia -- as does the CD player and electric sun-roof that also come as standard. You also get electrically adjusted seats, but make sure to ask about alloys up front because some dealers may ask you to pay extra.

Concluding remarks. The 106 GTI took on and beat pretty much every new hot hatch even when it was past its sell-by date. Not long ago these couldn't be had for less than a few thousand pounds but recently they have dipped into Shed territory. It doesn't even seem that long ago when they were making them new and Peugeot managed to do a good job of keeping the age-old 106 design looking fresh.

Lap Times 106 GTi / 106 S16

Peugeot 106 GTi / S16 racing rivals

Audi A3 2.0 TFSI (8P), Skoda Fabia RS, Suzuki Swift Sport, Mitsubishi Colt CZT, Citroen C2 VTS

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