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  Welcome to the Spartan Rides website.  

  Spartan Rides

So what defines a Spartan Ride?

Performance over comfort: comfort is sacrificed for performance. Spartan cars are often sneered at because they are so dedicated to one goal: the art of driving with as little distractions possible, for the performance car enthusiast however this is driving Nirvana. Money isn't primarily spent on an exotic look but on real-world performance. Furthermore a Spartan car strives to offer performance of higher end vehicles for a price that can be accessible to enthusiast drivers on normal incomes. For this purpose we review anything from basic entry hot-hatches to the most dedicated driving machines available. It's all about keeping the power on the wheels and the cars financially accessible to the enthusiast drivers of these "special" road-machines. Spartan sturdiness and reliability greatly contribute to the designation of a car as a Spartan ride. Here you'll find cars and bikes and everything that rides the Spartan way. Let's Ride!

  Latest News

  • Spartan Rides

    • K&N cone filter cleaning and reoiling in 10 steps

      We have added the K&N cone filter cleaning and reoiling in 10 steps to the Tech Talk section. From brushing to reinstalling. (By Jon on 2010-12-23.)
    • The Spartan Ride explained by Top Gear; case of the Peugeot 106 GTi

      We have added the Secma FunTech 500 Extr'm Parts List to the Tech Talk section. The men of Top Gear, yes Jeremy Clarkson and crew, use the Peugeot 106 GTi as a test case of what a Spartan Ride can do against the big flagship brands. Steering test. The faster the safer? You have to see it for yourself. (By Jon on 2010-10-23.)
    • The Type R Philosophy

      We have added The Type R Philosophy to the Tech Talk section. The Type-R philosophy is one of purity. That a car must be as good as it can be, and fulfill certain characteristics. (By Jon on 2010-10-20.)
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